Saturday, February 12, 2022

My Worst Boss Story

My Worst Boss Story What to do When Your Leader or Boss Dislikes You Story In the Navy Reserve I once had a boss (leader) who just disliked me and was not shy about reminding me that he disliked me. He also bragged in advance that he was going to give me a poor performance review. Obviously, this was very discouraging, but instead of wallowing in the unfair situation and acting like a victim, I developed a strategy. I decided to identify and complete three projects that no one had ever done before in the history of the Navy Reserve. These were very tough and time-consuming projects. They required enormous amounts of work and analysis. However, I completed them all just before my performance review. For the performance review an individual is always asked to submit their accomplishments. So, I submitted the three projects. At first, my boss did not want to include them, but I said that I would exercise my right to add a supplement to my performance review that would include the projects. He relented and included the projects in my performance review. The word of me completing these projects soon spread all across the command and other parts of the Navy Reserve. I was asked by an Admiral to attend a conference and give a presentation on the projects. My boss wrote the performance review, but his less than stellar words about me, just did not match or align with the accomplishments and first-time-ever ground-breaking projects. The Admiral, who invited me to speak at his conference about the projects, was later the head of the promotion board that promoted me to Captain. I like to think that my presentation on the projects helped clarify his and the board’s judgement about me. By the way my former boss (leader) who disliked me, never got promoted again. When you get a bad leader, never let it discourage you from doing your very best. Contact Dr. Tom = for newsletter sign up My Books link:

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