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Getting People to Play Really Helps Creativity



Getting People to Play Really Helps Creativity

By Dr Tom DePaoli

One of my stories in my book Common Sense Supply Management tells of me setting up an entire future plant layout on a large boardroom table in a conference room. We kept the conference room well stocked with free coffee and treats. Employees from all levels of the company would come in the conference room and play with the layout, forklifts, machines etc. We had a big whiteboard and asked people to jot down their suggestions for the layout. We went to the shop floor and testing many of the ideas live to see if they worked. We generated so many ideas that it was hard to keep up with them! Encouraging play encourages creativity!

Dr. Tom DePaoli, (Dr. Tom) is currently an independent management consultant, the Principal of Apollo Solutions, which does general business consulting in the human resources, supply chain and lean six sigma areas. His organization was self-founded in 1995. He retired as a Captain from the Navy Reserve. In other civilian careers, he was a supply chain and human resources executive with corporate purchasing turnaround experience and lean six sigma deployments. He has worked for over ten major companies and consulted for over fifty organizations throughout his career. Some of his consulting projects include: information systems projects, re-engineering organizations, transformation, e-procurement, e-commerce, change management, global sourcing and negotiating. His industry experience is in the chemical, paper, pharmaceutical, IT, automotive, government, consumer, equipment, services and consulting industries. He has been published extensively in journals, magazines and books. He is the author of eleven books all available on Amazon.  He has instructed at six education facilities in numerous roles. He is active in supporting the YMCA, Wounded Warrior, and the prevention of the bullying of children.    = Dr. Tom’s Amazon author’s page  = website of Apollo Solutions his business  = more information on Dr. Tom’s books  = LinkedIn home page


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Dr. Tom DePaoli’s Eight Business Books Summaries Available on Amazon



Dr. Tom DePaoli’s Eight Business Books Summaries Available on Amazon  


In Common Sense Purchasing Dr. Tom DePaoli reveals many of his tales and lessons learned on his journeys in various purchasing organizations and companies. His keen insights into relationships and what really counts in purchasing will astound and entertain both purchasing and non-purchasing professionals. His admission that he has made just about every mistake possible to be made in purchasing just adds to his credibility and his ability to teach the hard knock lessons that he learned.  He hopes that his insights will perhaps cushion the hard knocks for those willing to practice common sense judgments. One of the top 5 purchasing books other organizations. Available on Amazon

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Common Sense Supply Management’s author Thomas DePaoli offers no-nonsense strategies learned from his diverse career in many organizations. Told in part via a story format, Common Sense Supply Management uses real life examples to discuss what goes right, and often wrong, in the supply chain management trenches.  The stories are told factually without any embellishment. By following this book’s accounts, supply chain professionals can learn a career’s worth of what to do and what not to do. DePaoli provides practical lessons launched from real-life cases and tested in the unforgiving supply chain management reality.    Available on Amazon

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In Broken Windows Management for Business, a lot of broken windows management is learning by doing. There is ample room for creativity and having fun with broken windows management. Broken windows management is a journey not a quick fix. It remains one of the most viable and practical ways to achieve quality of work life improvement. Dr. Tom DePaoli, the author, relates some for the principles of 5S and the kaizen methodology to the broken windows management approach. Broken Windows Management for Business uses real life examples to discuss what goes right in the broken windows management trenches. It never ceases to amaze me that many organizations waste money on high priced team-building consultants and exercises to improve team work. If an organization does not have the trust of their employees or treat them well, no amount of wilderness adventures or zip-lining will build team work. Integrity is the first rule of teamwork. The military is so successful in team building because of the clear mission and the fact that soldiers know that their lives may depend on their teammates. The team often is very close for long periods of time. You must adapt to your teammates. Many of their leaders are committed to honor and commitment. Available on Amazon

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In Kaizen Kreativity (Oops!) author Dr. Tom DePaoli offers an entertaining and creative approach to improving work design and work processes. He uses a variety of techniques including story-telling, imaginative training exercises and ready to go outlines of PowerPoints on Kaizens.  He recalls the times when he stumbled, when trying to implement Kaizen events. It is a good desktop guide to Kaizens with great information on how to organize for a kaizen. It is a practical book. He shows that just using a few Kaizen tools can result in great gains. The book will help the novice and the experienced Kaizen leader. Available on Amazon

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You can learn to be a dynamic and authentic leader by storytelling Dr. Tom DePaoli insists in his new book Leadership by Storytelling: The Best Way to Learn Good Leadership Principles Dr. Tom uses stories that are genuine from his own and others careers. Dr. Tom has diverse experiences with leaders in corporate, non-profit, academic and military organizations. As a consultant, he conducted extensive group and personal training on leadership skills. He has over 1000 hours of formal leadership training and teaches leadership courses at the graduate level. He strongly believes that the growth in leadership abilities will be much greater with the use of storytelling. Available on Amazon
The book includes:
Principles and practices of great leadership.
Compelling stories of these leadership principles in action.
Reinforcing illustrations of the principles.
Tips on how to tell the leadership stories.
How to develop trust with your followers and employees.

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Avoiding a Supply Chain Apocalypse! Purchasing and supply chain professionals, here is an alternative approach to becoming a Supply Chain Doomsday Prepper for a Supply Chain Apocalypse! In his creative guide Avoiding a Supply Chain Apocalypse - the Best of Dr. Tom, Dr. Tom DePaoli offers practical strategies and tactics, learned and tested from his purchasing and supply chain career. He does not recommend a single silver bullet or quick fix, but suggests a multi-faceted diverse approach to avoiding supply chain meltdowns. DePaoli challenges the reader to survey his best writings and to select what fits their particular organizational cultures. There is no one size fits all in the supply chain. As the importance of supply chain management grows leaps and bounds; the supply chain professional must develop multiple options and proficient tactics to ensure the continuity of the supply chain. Of particular importance is "Purchasing is the art of building relationships. It is not about negotiations, transactions, industry knowledge, market knowledge, know-how or technology. It is all about building strong relationships and gaining the trust of suppliers, customers, and colleagues. There is no easy way to get employees to trust you. One of things that I've always done is to make sure that I do what I told them I was going to do. Nothing impresses employees more than keeping your word. Another good tactic to use is to always admit your mistakes and do not try to cover them up. Employees appreciate when you invest the time and effort to train them. Make sure you have a training plan for all of your employees. Try to behave ethically, employees expect you to lead by example and to live by your word. Communicate to them daily if possible, in use as many different channels of communication as you can. "The fact is that purchasing also runs its own Research and Development (R&D) department. Suppliers, in collaboration with purchasing, are perhaps the most cost-effective R&D function in a company. Jointly they often come up with leaps in technology and transformations in products. When they cooperate, they can transform a company and its products. Breakthroughs that occur via this method should receive as much publicity if not more than those developed internally! In summary getting purchasing valued for its great contribution to revenue; requires both a bottom-up and top-down approach. Empower as many employees as possible to participate in purchasing and solicit their ideas and suggestions. Set up one-on-one executive exchanges with your supplier executives. Finally, systematically create a strong marketing plan to communicate your successes. “The book serves as a guide for the purchasing or supply chain professional to optimize their supply chain and avoid disaster. Available on Amazon

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Jayson and the Corporate Argonauts - the Quest for the Golden Fleece of Transformation is a clever, well-illustrated and brief business fable! The book follows the adventures of the Greek hero Jason and his Argonauts. Dr. Tom DePaoli, the author, uses the lessons learned from this epic voyage and examines how the Argonauts overcome the perils. He then recommends strategies for modern day Corporate Argonauts trying to radically transform their own organization. Available on Amazon

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Have you endured awful leaders in your career? Dr. Tom DePaoli sure has. In his new book Boogeyman Leadership: How to Turn Your Employees into Listless Zombies, he showcases poor leaders and their tactics that inevitably failed. Dr. Tom believes it is very important to know what does not work first, so that an aspiring good leader does not waste time on such approaches. He does not pretend to offer any silver bullet solutions to these poor policies. Boogeyman Leadership recounts many bad leadership ideas and illustrative stories to make sure the reader crosses these schemes off their leadership list. The book is not a solemn academic book or a guide to great leadership success. Its purpose is to give examples of terrible leadership and management tactics that Dr. Tom and others have experienced in their careers. Dr. Tom urges the reader not to use them or support them. Dr. Tom has had careers in business, the military and academia. All these arenas had some terrible leaders that he had to endure. Available on Amazon.

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