Thursday, December 27, 2012

                      The five most common mistakes in implementing e-procurement:

1.     Not creating a comprehensive procurement strategy first or a plan that aligns with an e-business strategy and an e-procurement strategy.
2.     Putting the e- before procurement. Technology and e-procurement won’t fix current unsound procurement practices.
3.     Not performing comprehensive strategic supplier sourcing first and failure to prepare suppliers for e-procurement.
4.     Not properly identifying materials-services groups and the proper e-procurement tool to use for these groups.  Not assessing supplier capabilities, which include readiness for e-procurement.
5.     Underestimating resistance to change and the need for ease of use for end-users. A strong component in this area is content (catalogue) quality and the transaction details.

                             Dr. Tom DePaoli 


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dr. Tom DePaoli is the Principal at Apollo Solutions Publishing and Consulting with over twenty years of experience in all phases of purchasing, human resources, supply chain optimization, strategic sourcing, organizational re-design, e-commerce, SAP, lean six sigma and e-procurement software.  He is a published author and story teller who believes stories have the power to teach more than what the textbook can offer. He is the author of Common Sense Supply Management and Common Sense Purchasing.  Consulting and speaking inquires in the field of supply chain management, lean six sigma, publishing and purchasing are invited and most welcome. Visit the website,, send a personal email via LinkedIn to make your inquiries, or visit our social media profiles to learn more and to engage in conversation.

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