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New business-related YouTube channel launches!




New business-related YouTube channel launches!  You are invited to subscribe to a new YouTube channel (Dr Tom DePaoli). It’s a business knowledge start up channel. The channel’s mission is to share and pay forward hard knocks lessons learned in life, career and business. The sharing of hard knocks business lessons should help prevent others from suffering the same pain and confusion that others went through.   Dr. DePaoli covers leadership, career management, process improvement, procurement, supply chain, teaching techniques and fun stuff like nostalgia (50’s) and children’s books. It’s not a narrow one issue channel, but rather one of relatable subject diversity.  Dr. DePaoli also give extra insights and fun comments on his twelve books that are available on Amazon. The channel hopes to publish a new video at least weekly or more. In the future, business leaders are going to be invited to share their hard knocks lessons learned with you. Below is the link to my channel to subscribe. Please view the Welcome to the Dr Tom DePaoli Channel video and subscribe. Your support is appreciated. Thanks much.  https://www.youtube.com/user/thomasdepaoli


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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Book Review by Kelly Barner BuyersMeetingPoint.com Business Consulting Wows! Desktop Guide to Help Run Your Business i



Book Review by Kelly Barner BuyersMeetingPoint.com

Business Consulting Wows! Desktop Guide to Help Run Your Business i

“In many cities of the country there’s a fear of the streets especially if there’s disorder and things are in disarray. In many organizations there is a fear of management. No small part of this is due to employees not understanding the actions of management… Prevention of disorder and actually fixing things that employees say are wrong goes a very long way in establishing trust and credibility with management.”

 - Dr Tom DePaoli, Broken Windows Management in Business

Dr. Tom DePaoli has written no less than eight common sense business books, and I’ve read or reviewed nearly all of them. If you’ve seen references to Common Sense Supply Management, Broken Windows Management in Business, or Avoiding a Supply Chain Apocalypse go by and wondered which one you should read first, Dr. Tom’s latest book will solve your problem for you.

Business Consulting Wows! Desktop Guide to Help Run Your Business is a compilation of the best articles, reviews, excerpts, and blogs about Dr. Tom’s experiences and books. [Full disclosure, some of my reviews and interviews with Dr. Tom are included in this book among a number of others.]

I’ve never opened a book to a message from the author advising me NOT to read his or her book (front to back), but there is a first time for everything. Dr. Tom has organized his chapters by book, so depending on which one title you are most interested in, you’ll know which section of the book to jump to. There is also a full index of articles, organized by title, at the end to ‘flatten’ the content regardless of book.

The title might suggest that this book is for small business owners, but I can attest to the fact that even if you are not ‘running a business’ in the traditional sense, you will benefit from Dr. Tom’s advice about communication, strategy, collaboration, and leadership. And because the work and perspectives of a number of interviewers are included in this book, we get a diverse set of applications for his philosophy about spend management and business relationships.

I’m partial to Dr. Tom’s thoughts on the importance of storytelling in business, so that is where I would advise new readers to start, but that’s me. He also intertwines his thoughts on authenticity and leadership throughout, and both are time-tested. If you are looking for ‘slick’ business bromides or jargon, Dr. Tom is not your guy. If, however, you are looking for strategies and advice that balance the long-term needs of business and people equally, check out any of Dr. Tom’s writing – or check out all of it by buying this book.



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Office Supplies Best Practices and Dense-Pack Sourcing

Category Management at Its Best

By Dr. Tom DePaoli

Best practices for Office Supplies are many and varied. They greatly depend on what the customer wants or the Voice of the Customer (VOC). Once I was tasked with completing an office-supplies sourcing search for a client in a major western state city at their headquarters, which housed approximately 5,000 employees downtown. I had much previous experience completing four strategic sources of office supplies, so I had a fairly good idea of the competency of the suppliers and their pricing structures.  I knew which additional total-cost-of-ownership practices to ask for, such as desktop delivery, consolidated billing, and electronic catalogues. It was an exceptional situation for a supplier, because it was one delivery spot for major sales volume. Composing the request for a quote was straightforward, and I used many of the requirements that I had previously used in sourcing requests. My client was eager to get the sourcing process underway and completed quickly.

However, I soon discovered that there were three other large companies in the same city block housing an additional 15, 000 employees (20,000 total). I saw an opportunity to pool our volumes and presented a proposal to my client. I had shared our expected price reduction and other savings with them prior to the engagement. Now I proposed to the client to construct a request for quote for all of us for office supplies, thus providing even more leverage. I named it the “dense-pack” approach because, once again, the winning supplier would have concentrated deliveries in a close area, which would significantly reduce the winning supplier’s transportation costs. The purchasing managers were skeptical at first, but luckily none of the other companies were direct competitors.

The hardest part of this approach was next: convincing the other three companies of the merits of this approach. I recommended that they each set up steering committees to choose what services they desired. We sort of used a cafeteria approach where each company selected the service they desired. Fortunately, all of them were familiar with supply management and strategic sourcing. I had to show the expected savings and get them to agree to at least some common total-cost-of-ownership reduction items. Gathering the usage data was another challenge, but we believed that we had fairly accurate volume data when we went out with the request for a quote. Getting agreement to go with the winning quote was not as difficult as I had anticipated, and all four companies had two representatives on the sourcing team. Each company agreed to select their specific supplier services that they valued and asked the suppliers to demonstrate their capability and client references.

The results were fairly astounding, and we doubled the expected price savings. The winning supplier then offered a cafeteria menu of total-cost-of-ownership savings and enhancements that each customer could select.

In addition, most of the companies “piggybacked” with the office supplies supplier on other services like document management (copiers), personal computer supplies etc. It also led to standardization of the office supplies used which further reduced prices.

We were not satisfied with the initial success. We expanded the office supplies category and added more items to the category! We created a mega-category! We included copier paper, computers, computer supplies, software, cleaning services etc. We kept expanding the category for even more savings.

In summary, we clearly understood the market, the pricing structure and the services offered. The biggest challenge, as usual, was getting customer buy-in and consensus. 

Dr. Tom DePaoli, (Dr. Tom or Captain Tom), is currently an independent management consultant, the CEO of Apollo Solutions, which does general business consulting in the human resources, supply chain and lean six sigma areas. His organization was self-founded in 1995. He retired as a Captain from the Navy Reserve. In other civilian careers, he was a supply chain and human resources executive with corporate purchasing turnaround experience and lean six sigma deployments. He has worked for over ten major companies and consulted for over fifty organizations throughout his career. Some of his consulting projects include: information systems projects, re-engineering organizations, organizational transformation, e-procurement, e-commerce, change management, leadership training, creativity improvement, global sourcing and negotiating, especially information-based negotiations. His industry experience is in the chemical, paper, DOD, pharmaceutical, IT, startup, automotive, government, consumer, equipment, business services and consulting industries. He has been published extensively in journals, magazines and books. He is the author of twelve books all available on Amazon.  He has instructed at six education facilities in numerous roles. He is active in supporting the YMCA, Wounded Warrior, and the prevention of the bullying of children.

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