Thursday, July 14, 2022

Treat People Like You Would Like to Be Treated

Treat People Like You Would Like to Be Treated Late one Friday afternoon I was working late in my Human Resources office. My phone rang and I identified myself and my title. The person on the other end of the line sounded frantic and wanted to order some cases of our products. I informed them that this was Human Resources and not Distribution but she pleaded for me to please help. She proceeded to list her order and what she needed. It was a list of about 15 of our most popular brands. I wrote it down and repeated the request back to her. I also gave her our fax number in Human Resources and requested that she fax the order to me. I would wait and let her know if I received the fax. I told her that I would put the phone down and go to the fax machine. I stood by the fax machine and sure enough, the fax shortly came through with the brands she ordered and where to ship it. I requested her phone number and said I would call her back shortly. I quickly walked over to the distribution center and talked directly to the shipping manager. I showed him the order and he recognized the person who requested the order. He put the order together immediately and procured a truck to rush ship it to the requested location. I then went back to my office and called her back and gave her the order number. She thanked me profusely. Subsequently the order arrived that night to the required location. After the weekend, I learned that the order was shipped directly to a marketing and trade show of one of our major customers that showcased our product. Treat people like you would like to be treated. Contact Dr. Tom = for newsletter sign up My Books link:

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